Friday, 21 March 2008

Tanx for the memory, but Its all OK now

Last night I refilled my fish tank after resealing it, it seems to have worked too! Earlier this week it changed from an aquarium to a water feature, with a trickle of water from the front! Anyhow the fish seem happy, none of them died, the leak is closed and hopefully thats it. I suppose it was due for a real clean out anyhow, it had been running two years, I do monthly partial water changes BTW :)

They say things come in threes, with the fish tank leak, the furniture and the mud, thats my three over! However if anyone has cursed me, please feel free to remove it now, before I have a nervous breakdown! :)


shana said...

I see the lard worked a treat :)

Combom said...

Doesnt it always?