Thursday, 25 December 2008

Its Planet Of The Dead

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The Easter episode of Doctor Who will be called Planet Of The Dead.

It will feature the Doctor traveling without a companion and somehow without a TARDIS too!

It is written by Russell T Davies & Gareth Roberts, James Strong will Direct. Susie Liggat will probably Produce, and Murray Gold will probably be responsible for the music.

Part of it is to be filmed in Tunisia.

The script is finished and the filming will begin on the 19th of January.

It will feature characters called Malcolm and Christine, plus UNIT!

ATM no further official information is known!


Deka Black said...

The titke sounds scary and dangerous. I wonder... without TARDIS, without companion, alone... Make me feel sad for him.

Combom said...

and atm, the above is all we know!

Robit said...

I Cant Wait to see the filming for this episode aleast we will get a idea and soem information

Brian Stultz said...

UNIT, hope the Brig makes an appearance. Is this to be an alien planet? I bet it's a misleading title since UNIT is involved it will probably be an Earth based story. Unless it is in the future and UNIT is traveling through space. Can't wait!

Combom said...

15 weeks to go! :)

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Combom said...