Monday, 6 April 2009

Blood Moon DVD Report

In Blood Moon Tara Talbot (Victoria Sanchez), is a sideshow spectacle. As a victim of hypertrichosis, a skin disease associated with excessive hair growth all over the body. In a small town while performing as the Wolf Girl in her circus sideshow. Ryan Klein (Dov Tiefenbach), is drawn to Tara, his mother has developed a serum that depletes hair.

She begins taking the serum, her behavior becomes erratic and unpredictable, her Wolf Girl performance becomes more and more wild, she breaks down her cage and almost tears out an audiance members throat.

This movie was originally called Wolf Girl, and I think it suited it more than the sensationalist title of Blood Moon! Its not a bad movie, and using genuinely disabled people was very brave! Tim Curry and Grace Jones add to the cast list too. Overall I really liked Blood Moon, continuity wasn't as smooth as it could be, but it was a TV movie, they always suffer problems!

Here is the trailer...

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