Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Doctor Who 3 Streaming Videos Wanted

Over the last few weeks, I have put all the Classic Doctor Who adventures online, however there are still three stories missing;

The Savages (recon) - First Doctor.
The Highlanders (recon) - Second Doctor.
The Trial of a Time Lord The Ultimate Foe - Sixth Doctor.

If you are aware of any of these to watch online, please reply to this thread and share them, with the URL :)



Choking Horror said...

JohnnyFanboy on You Tube has finished making a recon of The Savages which will go in place of his Toymaker one in a short while.

I think he has plans to make a Highlanders one.

Combom said...

thanx! he still has toymaker there atm, if you see it posted, please let me know :)

Combom said...

a big thanx to fanaticalWhovian for help with the last hartnell one - much appreciated!

we still need the other 2 BTW


Maybe you would like to take a look to or even

Hope is useful for all.
And by the way, cosmicsurfer is on the way also to upload it, just that will take some time, I asume.