Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My Planet of the Dead Theory

I've spent a while thinking about Planet of the Dead, and heres my thoughts...

The Doctor is transported to a desert planet, that was once green like ours, but the flying fish things (the swarm) have eaten everything living - trees, plants, animals, and all lifeforms, including the Flymen called Tritovores, all that is left of everything is sand! The few survivors are fighting a losing battle with the swarm. The Doctor will lead them back through the wormhole he initially used, to have them destroyed by UNIT, allowing the survivors on the planet to start again!

I understand there are 2 Tritovores in the story, the last 2 of their species maybe? Ruari Mears plays Praygat and Paul Kasey plays Sorvin. Thanx for the info Simon!

OK I'm probably wrong, but this theory matches up with the title! Three days and we find out how wrong I am!


Nile said...

You were surprisingly accurate!

You know when you get that spine-tingling feeling when your watching Doctor Who and someone says something that hints toward something epic? I think we all got some of that tonight, wouldn't you agree? Carmen's little peech at the end really got my heart pumping. And now we have to wait till NOVEMBER till the next episode, The Waters of Mars.

And we all know that something epic is coming. Something legendary. The end of an era is coming to a close, and it's gonna be big.

To rephrase Carmen's dark words...

The Tenth Doctor's end has been foretold. His song is ending soon, and something, someone, a man, is returning from the darkness. He will knock 4 times, and then...

I'm on the edge of my seat already.

Any replies to this, i will be HUGELY thankful for.

Nile xx

Combom said...

ive covered this in another post, but its the master, john simm has been seen on set too :) thanx for the comment :)

Nile said...

Really?! Could you send me a link to it?

So, are there any pictures of John Simm on set?

Can't wait til November!!!

Combom said...

only one of simm, i posted it the other day :)