Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Sun Claim Another Doctor Who Spin-Off

Britains favorite comic, the Sun, are claiming another Doctor Who spin-off, this time starring Lee Evans, this will follow in the footsteps of Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, K9, and not forgetting the pathetic Totally Doctor Who, (plus Confidential and Declassified if you wish to be completist :) )!

They claim Russell T Davies has said he was impressed with Lees performance (as we all where!) and is considering creating a new spin-off around him - Personally I can't see it!

They also claim he said Lee and Noma Dumezweni, who played Erisa Magambo of UNIT, are a spin-off series waiting to happen. UNIT soldiers often work best as half of a double-act, so Magambo needed a foil, though we never dreamed we’d get to cast the part so well. He added the spin-off could even make it to air late this year.

Although Evans was good as Doctor Malcolm Taylor, I'd like to see more of him in Doctor Who before anything is taken further. I'm off to find a large pinch of salt, as I can smell b*llshit :)



Deka Black said...

I believe there is someone in The Sun who works only in make rumors and claiming things like this.

Aniway, i do not believe this because sound too much like Torchwood.

With a series and two Spinn-off (SJA and Torchwood), there is already too much trouble with continuity. Another series would be a nightmare!.

alteran1 said...

I agree completely with the first comment, it sounds like shit. The only way I could possibly see a UNIT spin-off working is if it has Martha Jones as the main character. But even then, I get the impression that she was the least favorite companion. I liked her well enough though. And she was brilliant as a guest on Torchwood.

And I think Torchwood and SJA are enough for now as well. At's bad enough when the world is ending in any of the shows and we have to ask where Torchwood and Sarah Jane are.

One last thing though. I would hesitate greatly at calling K9 anything close to a spin-off. It's not canon at all, their K9 doesn't even look like the real K9, and the BBC and everyone involved with Doctor Who, Torchwood, and SJA have absolutely nothing to do with it.

So I'd say it's more of an "inspired by" show than a spin-off. Much more like that Doctor Who 2009 fan-series you mentioned, except it has a bigger budget and will be on TV.

I may be biased though, because I hate the entirety of that show's existence. I love K9 (met him in School Reunion) and they've bastardized him in their new show. And I really don't much care for anything non-canon either. Questionable continuity, I'm fine with, non-continuity, I dislike.

Combom said...

thanx for the reply :) ep 1 of K9 has k9 as we know him regenerate into the new k9, series writer says every ep will have some prop etc. to link it to doctor who, yes i agree it cant be canon, but i think its trying to be :)

Combom said...

and a UNIT spinoff would be just a low-tec TW :)