Monday, 6 April 2009

Three Days Of Doctor Who Filming At Donna Nobles House Starts Today

Filming at Nant-Fawr Road starts today, and lasts until Wednesday. This is the building thats used as the Noble household!

Here is the schedule;
Mon 6 April (10am- 9pm) inside and outside.
Tues 7 April (9am-9pm) inside and outside.
Wed 8 April (8am -7pm) inside and outside.

What can we expect? I know set photographers are going there, so we can expect photographs! Personally I expect to see David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, Catherine Tate (if she is in the story), Jacqueline King (ditto), and maybe others too!

David Tennant is a guest on Jo Whileys show on Wednesday, it runs from 10-1, so he may not be on set until mid afternoon (unless its recorded)!


Ms. Me said...

Oooohhhhhh, I'm still holding out strongly that my theory is correct that Donna is coming back for David's last episode!! =) Her story just cannot end the way it did! My first clue? Last Christmas' advent calendar treat =)

::continues crossing fingers::

Axlart said...

I’m going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

Combom said...

bring photographs :)