Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Watch Doctor Who Season 3 Here For Free

Here is all of season 3 to watch as streaming video, I intend to post the rest of the seasons soon :)

Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code
Daleks in Manhattan
Evolution of the Daleks
The Lazarus Experiment
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
The Sound of Drums
Last of the Time Lords

Time Crash
Voyage of the Damned
The Infinite Quest

Some have subtitles, but all have an English soundtrack, if you have any links to better versions, please share!

Remember - Watching these as streaming video is no substitute for owning the DVDs, I urge you to consider buying them, like me!


Kiera Jo said...


I'm so glad you've got all these links posted; I've just got into Doctor Who and have found your page to be extremely helpful--it saves A LOT of search time.

I thought I'd let you know, though, that your link to Season 3 Episode 3 (Gridlock) doesn't link to that episode--it links to one later in the season. Here's one that you may want to use instead:

~Kiera :)

Combom said...

fixed it! thanx for your help, very much appreciated :)

Kiera Jo said...

Hey, it's me again! Sorry to bother you, but almost all of these links take me to the same video--I think it's like episode twelve of this season--all the correct videos are in that particular playlist, though, just on different pages.

Rock on!

Simply said...

smith and jones is apparently gone, get the "has been removed" blah blah blah thing. Bummer.

Remilo said...


Thanks for posting all of these videos. I just want to let you know that the link Gridlock doesn't work, the video has been removed.