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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Watch Torchwood Series 2 For Free Here

Here is every episode of Torchwood series 2, as streaming video, next up is Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1, I will post these shortly :)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
To the Last Man
Dead Man Walking
A Day in the Death
Something Borrowed
From Out of the Rain
Exit Wounds

A few have subtitles, but all have an English soundtrack, if you have any links to better versions, please share!

Thanx to Jenny for her help with this list, sorry I forget your nick :)

Remember - Watching these as streaming video is no substitute for owning the DVDs, I urge you to consider buying them, thanx to doctor11 for the new links!

More links here.


Linh said...

Wow! Thanks!
I'm just hoping you post Season 4 of Doctor Who! I missed those on the tele!

I'm definitely buying the DVD of Torchwood after this.

Combom said...

its already posted, look in the right hand column :)

Jessica said...

Most of season 2 of Torchwood is no longer there.