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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Doctor Needs A Human Companion!
has an interview with Russell T Davies, which has a very interesting paragraph.

This is an arc over these last few specials, gradually, especially in "Waters of Mars," which comes up in November, we discover that he travels with a human because he needs a human. He's too powerful, and without that (human with him), he can become a dangerous man. Donna pointed that out to him in her very first story, "The Runaway Bride." That is a story we're telling. We're sort of all heading towards series 5 and the new Doctor and the new companion, played by Karen Gillan. I think it's a nice set-up for her, in that The Doctor needs a companion and we're going to understand why.


And its really looking like the Waters of Mars may be broadcast in November, not on Halloween as I have predicted, but a lot can happen before then :)

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