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Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Fall of Radio Doctor Who, and Concern...

This afternoon, at a loose end, about 6 of us where chatting on my CBox, I posted about the repeat showings of Doctor Who series 3 on Watch next week, and we joked about how long was it until Radio Doctor Who reposts it. The site owner, Thomas, had been taking my major posts and fully reposting them, along with ones by several other Doctor Who bloggers too.

The conversation turned further to the Radio Doctor Who site, the owner was banned from my CBox, as I was fed up with all the reposts, and my reasonable requests to not do so being ignored. Various people spotted that Thomas was now on his CBox, they engaged him in conversation, and no shock that he reposted my Watch article too.

Sylar somehow persuaded Thomas to give him Admin access to his site, no threats or anything like that were made, so it was all above board and legal. Sylar then removed Thomas from the blog, so Radio Doctor Who is now no longer reposting other peoples work! :)

Since it has all happened we have all been discussing what we know about Thomas, and although I am 45, most of us are teenagers. Emma, a CBox regular, mentioned Thomas wanted to meet up - the penny finally dropped. Thomas was doing no work, just reposting our work, while trying to get in with us, and there are a lot of teenagers in our circle, was something we'd rather not speculate further about going on?

Just to be clear, Radio Doctor Who is now owned by Sylar, he does not copy posts, its the previous owner. This is the online CV of the Thomas in question, it is public, so nothing private is being revealed, why is a university graduate stockbrokers CV full of silly spelling mistakes? Are the younger ones right to be concerned?


Becky said...

Great post and pic hehe. It looks a bit like a Carrionite... or perhaps it's just me. Anyway, I'm glad it's all been sorted out :D

typinfrenzi said...

This proves that when Sylar isn't cutting open people's heads, he's saving blogs.

I guess he is a Hero, then? ;)

Combom said...

imho, without realising exactly what he was doing, he did us all a favour!

Sylar said...

typinfrenzi - i think i prefer chopping off peoples heads ;)


dmjlong said...

wow, i don't know what i should be more shocked about. The fact that there was a possible pedophile involved, or that Combom's 45!
Thank-you so much to all involved. I feel a lot safer using this site's C-box now, knowing that these peole can be caught out.

ryan said...

i am soo shocked about the fact he could have been a peadophile

and well done emma for saying no to meeting up that is something everyone should do with people on the net no matter how long you have been talking trust me, i nearly fell for that, not with radio dw tho

Tom said...

He seems to have a new site. And also on Twitter.

Combom said...

he has had that for ages, he faking tweets last year too (claimed he was at some doctor who usa meeting, EVERY tweet he made was previously by someone else), as long as he keeps away hes not my prob :)