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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Torchwood Children Of Earth From The Computer Screens

On the Computer screens in Torchwood Children Of Earth, theres a lot of info to read;

Established by HRH Queen Victoria in 1879 its prime purpose is to defend the Earth against extraterrestrial threat.

Initially established as an institute to investigate matters of the paranormal and extraterrestrial, the organisation has developed over the years in both activity and constitution and is currently operating as a remote team working from Torchwood 3 - Cardiff.

Funded directly and independantly by the Crown, Torchwood was established by order of decree. Torchwood is not beyond the Government however, with her Majesty stating that "Torchwood is also to administer to the Government thereof in our name, and generally to act in our name and on our behalf, subject to such orders and regulations as Torchwood shall, from time to time, receive from us through one of our Principal Secretaries of state" The Torchwood Charter, Dec 31st 1879.

However, Torchwood operates almost completely independently and sometimes even contrary to Her Majesty's Government, and have come to function as a somewhat seperate body in recent years, a double edged sword by some accounts.

Originally established at the MacLeish Estate in Aberdeenshire some 130 yers ago, the organisation has since found homes in Glasgow, London and Cardiff although Torchwood 2 in Glasgow is thought to have disbanded and Torchwood 1 in London is now defunct following the Battle of Canary Wharf, during which the base was subject to an alien confrontation in which most of its agents perished.

Torchwood 3
, located in Cardiff Bay is thought to be the last operational Torchwood post although there are still some private acquisitions which Queen Victoria herself made that are unbeknownst to us.

Thanx to Dobsy for typing this :)


alteran1 said...

I'd like to find out about those "private acquisitions" eventually.

You know, after finishing Day 2, I wonder how this situation would have turned out had Yvonne Hartman and the rest of Torchwood: London still been around. Would she have sided with TW:Cardiff or the Government. Hmmm... she would have certainly added a lot more firepower.

Saralyn said...

...why didn't the computer files include anything on Torchwood India? The radio play "Golden Age" let us know that it did once exist, just as Torchwood Glasgow did. So why isn't it in the file?

Combom said...

hasnt been written yet? maybe itll be in a book one day?