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Friday, 28 August 2009

More Doctor Who Series Five Filming News

A Doctor Who base is currently in private car park outside a warehouse on Curran Road, Cardiff. They seem to be filming at Jacobs Antique Center.

The trailers read The Doctor, Amy, Enemy No 2, Voice of Enemy, and Churchill! They use Enemy as word for a menace they want to keep secret, they've used it before to refer to Daleks, who it probably is again after what was seen yesterday!

Is the man in blue in the previous photograph Churchill? Did Churchill ever have a moustache though? Or is Churchill a code name for someone else? From this we can also assume there is an Enemy number 1 at least, so multiple Daleks, the voice of the Daleks is always Nicholas Briggs.

BTW treat this all as rumour until we hear otherwise!

Thanx to Alun.Vega and Scooty for the news, further speculation and info by me!
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Grant said...

I'd love David Ryall, Warren Clarke or Albert Finney to play Churchill.

I bet he'd whack a Dalek with his walking stick. :)

Combom said...

or stub his cigar out in their eye :)