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Monday, 9 November 2009

Classic Monster Returns For Doctor Who Series 5 UPDATED

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Each new Doctor Who season has brought us a classic enemy, and season 5 is no different it seems, this time its the Silurians!

These pictures do leave a lot to be desired, but the light was very poor, as was the angle. I have remastered these photographs to make them clearer.

You can see the originals here, and theres more cast pics too :)

A big thanx to Alun.Vega for sharing these great photographs!

I remain unconvinced if they are really Silurians, but people think they are!Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


Deka Black said...

I LOVE the Silurians, but i don't think they are. Where the "third eye" in the forehead, for example?

if they are is a redesing what has nothing to do (i don't know if i am ewriting it right, sorry) with they.

To me, seems like a salamander.

Combom said...

imho more sea devil like then silurian, could be sea devil/siluruan hybrids, or a new race? ppl are saying they are silurians tho, perhaps they have heard the name mentioned while filming?

Matthew said...

would have prefered Sea Devils, they were more iconic....

but still, SILURIANS!!!!! :D

Mandy said...

I'm not sold from that picture either, I cant see a third eye or the round mouth. Silurian would be cool, but I'm putting my money on a new creature. I'm betting the word silurian has been dropped around the film sites as "bait"

coconaut said...

It looks like the creature from the graveyard photos a few weeks ago

Combom said...

yes, it is!