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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Doctor Who News From DWM 415

DWM415 hits the streets tomorrow, but one of our members, TARDISkey, has a subscriber copy and has typed us some news :)

A Hollywood stars voice will be heard in the final special (this is probably Timothy Dalton, unless they have another one lined up too!).

The penultimate episode will be a six-word long title, so me saying its not called Nighmares Reign for the last few months proves correct :).

The first Dreamland episode will be twelve minutes long, with the following five being 6 minutes long. Each episode will be released at 5.15pm daily, on the red button services, starting on Saturday 21st November.

Big Finish have confirmed a new series of Lost Stories for the 1st, 2nd and 7th Doctors.

The He Will Knock Four Times reference in the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror this year was requested by Russell T Davies.

The Children in Need clip will be scene 4 and 5 from Part 1 of The End of Time story, not the pre title sequence! Russell says it is the best scene to show.

BBC audio releases include Ice Warriors (read by Frazer Hines), Logopolis (read by Christopher H. Bidmead), Castrovalva (read by Peter Davison), and The Last Voyage (read by David Tennant).

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76 TOTTERS LANE said...

Can't wait until tomorrow?.. You don't have too!
Just to let you know that I have posted photos of the Waters of Mars articles from the latest DWM (415) in Totters,
Mr E :)

Combom said...

linked, thanx :)

timelordcentral said...

hi Combom! May repost this with a link to your site?

hammard said...

6 words long. Thats pretty peculiar. There have been only 3 previous stories that I can count:
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
The Trial of A Time Lord
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Plus non-canonically\Spin offs
The Curse of the Fatal Death
The Man in the Velvet Mask
The Zygon who fell to Earth
The Greatest Shop In the Galaxy
The Worst Thing in the World
The Adventure of the Diogenes Damsel

The interesting thing is that 9 out of the 10 are "The _ of\in the\a _". So I think it would be a good guess that this is what it will be.

hammard said...

Oh and also the two "the ... of Sarah Jane Smith" stories but I think these can be considered exceptional

Deka Black said...

"The Death of the Last Timelord" I don' think this is accurate, really.

"The Return of the Time Planet" This could be about the return of the Timelords and Gallifrey

"Attack of the Weird Lord Simultaneous" This is product of a caffeine overdose :P

Combom said...

@timelord central - with a link, always :) as long was your not reposting every post lol

JohnnyB said...

"The Return of the Time Lords" = six words. One can only hope! ;-)

pj said...

Six words. Just six. Six...

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