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Friday, 29 January 2010

Doctor Who Season 5 Episode Titles Update.

I have already talked about season 5 episode titles and their content here, its time for an update of episode titles, all are subject to change of course.

01 The Eleventh Hour.
02 Title Unknown.
03 Title Unknown.
04 Time Of The Angels.
05 Flesh & Stone.
06 Vampires of Venice.
07 Unknown.
08 The Ground Beneath Their Feet.
09 Cold Blood.
10 Vincent & The Doctor.
11 Unknown.
12 The Pandorica Opens.
13 Title Unknown.
14 Christmas Special, title unknown.


Joy Fleisig said...

Uh, I think it's "Pandorica", not "Pandora".

Combom said...

it is, thanx :)

Sylar said...

where are u gettin these titles from :)

hammard said...

Hmm, so using the spanish for Pandora... how curious

Deka Black said...

Hammard, i'm from Spain, and "Pandorica" is not spanish. Here we say "Pandora" too. To me sounds like italian.

hammard said...

hmm, well I went searching online and in some language (which seemed to translate pretty well from spnaish) "la caja pandorica" (with accents) was used as Pandora's box. Perhaps its Portugese or Italian.

hammard said...

Can you say what these sites mean when they use the term then please, I was only using online translation:

Deka Black said...

yeah!, sure. The first is a opinion article about politics. The second one is a religious text. Both from Spain.

The first use it as synonim of "danger". A very big one.

The second, being religious, use it as a metaphor about the dangers for the soul, i think. I'm not very religious, . Hope i helped you ;)

hammard said...

Skip the first one it came up in the search but then came into the document as pandora

hammard said...

Ok cool. So its still a similar meaning. Very curious that it is just a term for big danger.

Joy Fleisig said...

Pandora's box - in Greek mythology, despite warnings, Pandora (Greek for "all gifts") opens said box and unleashes all the evil into the world - and hope.

My guess is that this is some kind of device containing terribly evil things - possibly along the same line as the Genesis Ark, if the Daleks really are involved?

Paul said...

Have we considered the possibility that the Pandorica Opens may be a sporting event?

I'm suggesting this largely because The Pandorica Opens seems like an awfully spoilery title -- we would already know the major event of the story if the title did indeed refer to the Pandorica "opening". My guess is that it could be Moffat playing on words, specifically the definition of "open".

Not to mention the idea of ANOTHER Genesis Ark just seems silly and a bit of a copoff.

Scott said...

I can't believe you're passing this fanboy speculation off as news.

James Random said...

.03 is called 'Victory of the Daleks.

Cain said...

Thanks for the great site! Episode 2 is called "The Beast Below" and Episode 3 is called "Victory of the Daleks". Also, Episode 4 is called "The Time of Angels", not "Time of the Angels" :). To add to the list, DWM lists one of the episodes as "Amy's Choice". I can't remember if it's Episode 7 or 11 (DWM also says that Episode 11 is based off the comic strip "The Lodger", so I doubt "The Lodger" will be Ep. 11's true title).