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Friday, 29 January 2010

Is A Doctor Who Movie To Be Announced After All?

Here is a transcript of part of a BBC Radio One interview with Billie Piper, it gives the impression that there may be a Doctor Who movie in the pipeline...

Sara Cox: Doctor Who, the movie, theres rumours about that. And, apparently, the producers want you and David Tennant, to be in it?
Billie Piper: Well, I heard they are doing it, and I know that they want David to do it.
Sara Cox: Oh, so there is a grain of truth to it.
Billie Piper: I think there is.
Sara Cox: Are you wiggling your face on purpose?
Billie Piper: No it's just a nervous twitch (laughter)
Sara Cox: I thought you were gonna signal something there
Billie Piper: I don't know... I think Davids slightly anxious that they're gonna... they'll be some big kind of American producers on board and that they'll try and hijack the whole thing and cast someone like Johnny Depp.
Sara Cox: Hummm. (Pause)
Billie Piper: Sounds great. hahahah! I'll be at the premier! hahaha!

If you want to listen yourself its here, at 46 minutes in.

When I heard this, I considered the interviewer was just regurgitating old information, I think I'm still right, but does Piper know something? I would like anything to have Matt Smith in it though!


Joy Fleisig said...

I think she's just speculating and is as clueless as we are.

Deka Black said...

I hopee, if the movieis made, well, see the regeneration fron 8th to 9th!

Lewis said...

I agree with Deka, that'd b cool, but could they get Chris back on board??? There seems to be negativity concerning his departure. I still love Tennant's portrayal as well, would be great if he was in the movie, and love the dynamic with him and Piper.