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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Photographs Of Doctor Who Filming At Swansea Guildhall Today (23-01-10)

(Click for Larger images)

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston and Nick Briggs where all seen there :)

You can see larger versions of the images here.

Thanx to Asti for these great pics :)


Gin Fabino said...
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Gin Fabino said...

What episode are they filming now?

Asti said...

Hi!! Those pics have been taken today (23.01.10) when they were leaving the set for the lunch break!! =) Asti
(The finale episode probably)

Combom said...

DOH! I must have misread the post :) thanx, updated :)

Gin Fabino said...

i have just had a thought what if they are filming episode 11 which could sort of link into the finale because the finale's normally the last bnlock isn't it.