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Friday, 15 January 2010

Two Clear Images Of Inside The New TARDIS Doctor Who

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These are two images on inside the Tardis from the Doctor Who trailer released on January 1st. Will says in the background you can just see a doorway in the rear wall. Leading to other rooms?

Thanx to Will for the framegrabs and sharing these!


spleenal said...

It looks a bit like under the metal grate that's the floor of the tradis... maybe.

hammard said...

Thats what I thought. I'll reserve judgement until we see the full new interior. However, it does look like we might get that wonderful sense of scale from the box, which has been missing from the new series.

Brzozo said...

I think that Doctor just repairs Tardis under the floor like under the car or sth.

Sorry for my english
Cheers from Poland.

InsaneChosenOne said...

I say its from the contest

Scorpio said...

This is the underside of the tardis console. Instead of opening the tardis console for a repair this time he goes underneath it and fixses it.

Underneath this are a few more levels. According to who fans the tardis is said to have atleast 20 rooms. 5 high 4 across. Its real shape (Not the police box) is a geniune example of a flying saucer as shown in the end of time part 2.

For DW fans you would notice the gallifrean symbols on the crashed spaceships. These are war class tardises.

Rooms in the tardis:

Clothes room:
(Seen in the christmas episode)
A large empty room comprising of a mirror and tons of outfits for every era.

Console room:
(Seen in almost every episode)
The main center of the tardis. Powered by arton energy this area of the tardis is packed to the brim with items the doctor needs to fly the tardis.

Notes for series 5:
The Tardis can self repair itself as said in the Cybermen episodes it just takes time. First episode will start off with the companion then we see the crashed tardis. Then near the middle of the episode it is fully repaired.

Felix said...

Thought the saucers were Dalek ships...

onan said...

How do we know its the tardis?