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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Analysis Of The New Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer

Here is an analysis of the new Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer, what did you miss? I have used this version, in case timings are different for some versions;

Time in seconds
04 Amy in space, in her dressing gown, so episodes 1 or 2, Donna Noble did something like this for Wilf!
05 You can see inside the TARDIS.
06 The buildings have English county names on them, like YORKSHIRE etc. is this the Queen Elizabeth 10th story.
06 Statues underground, theres a lot of them, Stone Angels maybe?
07 WWII London with barrage balloons and bomb damage, and on Big Ben clock-tower, whats hanging over one of the clock faces?
08 Daleks in WWII London.
11 The Doctor, Amy and River Song at Stonehenge
11 The Doctor with the new sonic screwdriver, with a green light!
12 A Spaceship.
12 The Doctor with a torch underground, finding Silurians.
13 Soldiers wearing black in a tunnel, on the Byzantium.
14 The Doctor and Amy in a museum.
15 A damaged one armed Cyberman in the museum, it appears its an exhibit that comes to life.
17 The Doctor on Horseback, Stonehenge story?
17 Vampires in Venice, breaking through a window.
18 Spitfires and a Dalek Saucer fighting, so the WWII story?
20 The new TARDIS Console.
21 Stone Angel.
21 Amy with ropes, then pressed against something.
22 The Doctor at an explosion.
23 The Doctor with a gun.

I need to thank Blink, Noblognopoll, Monty, UNIT HQ, Coconaut and Jamie for their input!


The Grumpy Cleric said...

Good stuff; I'm really excited - my tummy feels all wibbley-wobbley ... My 5 & 6 year olds are actually calmer than me.

I think it is safe to say this series won't have the Doctor transforming into Dobby the house elf nor feature Michelle Collins smeared in vegetable oil!

Chris JC said...

Nothing wrong with that second one.

Neil Snowdon said...

Something hanging over the clockface of big ben - an in joke about the excessively lit up big ben in Empty Child?

Deka Black said...

O maybe, the scene in The Clockwise Man, the 9th Doctor novel...

hammard said...

12: Why Silurians? There is a small statue in front of him so wouldn't it be more likely to be Weeping Angels story?

coconaut said...

18 - that's not just any spaceship, that's clearly a DALEK SAUCER.

Deka Black said...

You're right! Oh, oh... First thing first: is an awesome image: dalek saucer over London versus Spitfire fighters. but... is sooo tiring the overuse of the daleks, They are used too much. There are plenty of enemies to use.

Ice Warriors, Krotons, Axos, Zygons... Macra (well, the "intelligents", not the ones of Gridlock, of course.)

Well, at least we will see the Silurians again in this season ^^

Chris JC said...

If anyone would be happy to take the bet, and we'd ever have definitive proof of an answer, I'd happily lay cash down to support the idea that the BBC have requested at least the Daleks in the show this year, as if to say "look, it really IS Doctor Who - see?"

Ricardo Baptista said...

05 And you can actually see stairs which means maybe we'll see more than the control room this time

08 The Dalek has the Union Jack on it

18 Maybe the WWII story and the Elizabeth 10th story are connected in some way and these are spitfires from the future; anyway just an amazing idea, visually stunning

Chris JC said...

If they ARE Spitfires then I'd reckon that's Victory of the Daleks. if the UK have found Daleks and tried to get them on side, then t's totally possible they've found other alien tech and augmented their own squadron with it.

Colin Brockhurst said...

Chris JC: You'll find that bringing the Daleks back was entirely Steven's idea. His theory is that two years since the last Dalek story might not seem very long to us, but to a kid it'd feel like a lifetime.

Chris JC said...

Well, that's good to know. thanks, Colin.

Moffat has had this habit of late of addressing things that might worry viewers and being incredibly reasonable and intelligent about the whole thing and ultimately quite reassuring.