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Friday, 21 May 2010

Amy Ponds Mother Revealed? Doctor Who

Amy Ponds mother is to be played by Karen Westwood in Doctor Who 512 The Pandorica Opens. This news is from IMDB and Tardis.Wiki, although both have hosted some suspect information in the past, this has a good chance of being true (after all, why fake this?).

source1, source2.

Thanx for 10thPlanet for the heads up.


pj said...

Why fake this? Why does anyone fake anything, just to be a douche. Remember when imdb said Gilian Anderson would play the Rani? I wouldn't take info from imdb or a wiki as proof of anything, particularly casting spoilers which are the most common kinds of fakery.

Combom said...

GA was obviously fake!

GORdon said...

Serves those "Rani" fanz right. "OOooooh is River Song teh RANI???" Uh, no. River Song is a character called River Song. Maybe Amy's mum is the Rani??? Maybe the Rawwwni was a really character created during a really lame era of Doctor, and best forgotten. Like that dopey ropey "Valeyaaaard."

Foxboy said...

Gordon, I have to agree and disagree. The Rani was terrible. Get it away, burn it in a firey pit.

That being said, while Colin Baker's Reign was, (in my eyes at least) s*** on a stick, the Valeyard COULD have been one of the BEST villains ever for the series. If they'd added him during an earlier Doctor, one far more popular, at the time.

~ Halo "Foxboy"