Sunday, 23 May 2010

Download Radio Times Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special 1973 Here

Here is Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special from 1973, as a pdf file.

You can grab it here. The archive is a .rar file, if you need rar, grab it here, most windows users need the top one! You need a .pdf reader installed to read it, a free one is here. Sorry, I will not be offering several (or even another) kind of archive, nor will I be emailing it to you, or offering technical support (Sorry, I just don't have the time) - Tested and Working! If you need help, ask Google.

Edit-I remember buying this as a child, the best 30p I ever spent! I spent hours reading it and wishing they repeated old stories, which at the time they didn't, in fact they were getting ready to delete them :(


newelectricmuse said...

Thanks - good magazine.

Holly said...

Thank you for posting! It's so fun to read about the Doctor in the year I was born!

pumpkiny said...

The link to the download seems to have expired :(

Any chance of renewing it ?

Darryl Drury said...

Please could you relist this, I would love to get hold of a copy. With ref to DWM:444 - Witcha

mrskrash said...

hi, i have a copy of this in very good condition if your interested email me on