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Friday, 16 July 2010

Matt Smith To Quit Doctor Who?

The Sun Newspaper (although now more of a comic), are claiming Matt Smith plans to quit Doctor Who next year, even though he is signed for three years!

And their source, unlike the usual BBC insider, this time its a friend.

Sounds like tabloid bollox to me!

Source. Thanx Sylar for the heads-up :)

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I can stop laughing!


Lindsey said...

That source is slightly ridiculous because his contract was for 2 years, not 3. I assume after this next year they will have either set up (or already have, knowing Moffat and how he plans things out) a plan for what will happen should Matt continue and sign another contract or have plans for what happens after his contract is up (ie. new Doc?).

10thPlanet said...

Well, actually, he didn't sign on for two years; it WAS three, only he could have signed on for five, but that's a huge commitment for a young actor. However, he may not necessarily fulfill this contract, especially if the BBC doesn't want him to (low popularity, for instance). Matt Smith has only said that he would like to do at least two years, which most likely means that he will be going the full three-year contract.

10thPlanet said...

Of course, I'd like to add the disclaimer that I'm probably wrong in some way. And yes, Lindsey, that source is silly. It's Digital Spy. *Shakes head in disgust*

Shaun Featherstone said...

I think the decision has already be made. I can't help but feel that MS and SM have already alluded to the fact that the next season is the Eleventh's last. In the context of the show, the whole River Song murder has got to be her killing the 11th - I imagine it's a mercy killing leading to his regeneration though. In MS Padio TImes Interview he also hints that he'll see how things go after the next season. He's young and as much as he's enjoying the role, I can't imagine he'll stay as long as Tennant.

Lucille7777 said...

Well as you all know Chris E. from series 1 left after one year but I imagine Matt Smith will be back for the 6th series so it's the 7th series that is up for grabs and personally, I think two years of Matt's interpretation of the Doctor is enough. He's done a good job but he doesn’t' elicit that much interest. I'd rather see Chris E or Tennant back for one year, without Rose. I know some men liked Rose for the obvious reasons but I swear I've never been so bored with a companion as I am with Rose. Even Amy Pond is better than her and I think she's just o.k.

I’m told the original script for series 3 indicated John Simms and Martha Jones had some other connection separate from the Doctor. I would love John Simms and Martha Jones to have their own series; that would be awesome. The mysterious connection could resurface which compels Martha to travel with the Master and of course Martha makes him less crazy (not too much though), but basically he is begrudgingly a better Timelord. Why don’t they do that?

By the way Combom, is there a way I can find the original scripts to series 3?

Pickwick12 said...


"He's done a good job but he doesn’t' elicit that much interest."

That may be your personal opinion, but it's very different from mine and most of the Who fans I interact with. Most of them thought Matt was fantastic, and many consider him even better as the Doctor than Tennant was. I think they both brought good things to the role. No way David Tennant's coming back for a series now. Maybe a guest appearance at some point.

Pickwick12 said...

I don't see Matt leaving before three years is up unless next year goes badly (which seems highly unlikely), but I suppose it's possible.

Lucille7777 said...


Lucille said, "He's done a good job but he doesn’t' elicit that much interest."

Yep, that's what I said, and I can say just the opposite about what you said about your friends who agree with you, I've got friends who agree with me.

I just want to see the most entertaining Doctor Who that I can. Actually, I'd give up on Tennant returning if I could get both John Simms and Freema Agyeman their own series together, now that would be great.

Pickwick12 said...


That's cool. It's all opinion, of course. I just meant that in general, the fan opinion seems to have accepted Matt Smith pretty well. It would be impossible to bring David back full time at this point. It's entertaining to think of John Simm returning. I'm not as huge a fan of Freema. That idea could possibly work for a spin-off series. It's almost certain that the regular show will continue to feature the Doctor and his companion(s) primarily, and the Doctor will be Matt until he regenerates into someone new :)

Lucille7777 said...


I'm a huge fan of Freema Agyeman and John Simms and they've both said they wanted to work more together than they did and Freema having her own spin-off would be fantastic and if John Simms was included that would be massive.

David Burns Smith said...

Matt Smith seems to be well liked by the general public & many fans seem thrilled; me for instance. Hopefully by the 6th series those clinging to RTD's somewhat sappy version of the character & by extension, Tennant's capable portrayal of the role will really see Smith for the hugely talented, emotionally complex actor he is. I think part of the problem is that Moff is writing the character with Doctors 1,2, & 3 in the back of his mind....with a tiny bit of #4 tossed in for good measure.

Deka Black said...

Come on, is The Sun... the best we can do is laugh!

Lindsey said...

The thing is... If he is going to be let go after 2 years, his choice or not, are we going to begin to hear about his replacement around Christmas/January as we did a year ahead of time when it was announced that Smith would be replacing Tennant? I would have thought there would already be rumblings about possible replacements if this were the case - you know how people talk, whether it is truth or not. Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. Could be the River Song thing doesn't end up happening somehow because "time can be rewritten" and as we saw in the finale, the Doctor can somehow interact with his past self (with use of the vortex manipulator, of course).