Saturday, 7 August 2010

Doctor Who — Best Description of Doctor Contest

SFX has finally completed its unusual competition of writing the best description of the Eleventh Doctor in the style of Who alumnus Terrence Dicks, who is known for his cleverly composed descriptions of the Time Lord in the Target Novelizations. His words were musical, boldly rhythmic, and yet precise. Who else could have enjoyed a proud career centered around the "crotchety old man in a frock coat", the "baggy check trousers and a mop of untidy black hair", the "slight, fair-haired figure with a pleasant, open face"? Only Terrance Dicks. His style is legendary in Doctor Who fandom; even if the name never comes to mind, everyone can identify with the "wheezing and groaning" of a dematerializing TARDIS — such melody applied to the rough, technical term of 'dematerialization'.

Anyway, at the risk of making an ode to Terrance Dicks . . . well, the contestants had to write a one-line description of the Eleventh Doctor. The top three entrants will receive the first three BBC New Series Adventures books to feature Matt Smith's Time Lord as well as "The TARDIS Handbook"; but the winning entry will also have his sentence featured and credited in a forthcoming Doctor Who book!

Winner —
Ian Hewett wrote: "A slim mismatched jigsaw of a man, paintbrush hair atop a young face with ancient eyes, an enigma wrapped in a bow tie.”
Runners-Up —
SciFiFX wrote: “A gangly young man, all elbows and appetite, with eyes far older than the rest of him."

sammorgan 11 wrote: ‘“He looked like an alien crammed into the body of a human who had been crammed into the clothes of a maths teacher.”

Don't think that anyone was cheated out of winning; Terrance Dicks himself decided upon the winner. "These three all seemed to me to have the quality of unexpected imagination I was looking for."


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