Monday, 20 September 2010

Will the TARDIS Library and Swimming Pool Appear in Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Safe answer: No. Tentative answer: Maybe?

Obviously the legitimacy and accuracy (two words Digital Spy never learned) of this information are questionable, especially since the words "our source confirm this" are usually synonymous with "we made this story up", to put it nicely. Anyway, the Ood Cast, a regular Doctor Who podcast, has made an unreliable announcement on its Twitter account.
We've just had it confirmed by our sources that the #drwho Christmas special WILL feature TARDIS interiors of the library & swimming pool.
While Doctor Who is often self-referential, it's seldom pointless (unless you're talking about Colin Baker's era). Yes, it would be lovely to see the Doctor reading The Time Machine in his library, and even lovelier to see Amy Pond out at the swimming pool; but it would hardly contribute anything to the plot, and Moffat would have to go out of his way just to make a few lonely fans punch the air.

It's also improbable that the Ood Cast's "sources" happened to learn this; filming reports often result in nothing more than spotting some random actor whose name nobody knows, and it's absurd to imagine some situation in which those "sources" overheard this. That being said, stranger things have happened, and the pool is already canonical. We saw the swimming pool in The Invasion of Time, though it was later jettisoned in Paradise Towers. So while it's unlikely that we'll see the library or the swimming pool, it's not impossible.

Thanks to Seaphire for pointing this out.


Combom said...

i always wonder how many toilets does the tardis have, and when will we see them :)

jonnoholt said...

You want to see Amy on the toilet? Thats just...wierd.

Or maybe you want to see the Doctor...? Wierder!


Combom said...

or perhaps i just want to know how many there are and how close are there to the console room!

Anonymous said...

The tardis interior was anyways already seen in the invasion of time, and smaller part of it where showed in other episodes (but i don't remember them all >< )

jonnoholt said...

Good point, it does get very scary in the TARDIS! And if teh Doctor's driving is anything like mine...!

Lucille7777 said...

I have to admit I've wondered what Martha's room on the TARDIS was like? I hope her bed wasn't covered with that antique bedspread that spews dust every time someone hits or sits on it. Likely there was an antique four poster bed as well, but were there any windows in that room, just wondering?