Friday, 22 October 2010

Doctor Who Comic Book Writer Tony Lee Looks Forward to Eleventh Doctor IDW Stories

After recently announcing its new series of Eleventh Doctor comics, IDW has begun to release more information about the Tenth Doctor's final colourful adventures. Issue #16, in stores this week, marks the end of his final story arc, and comics writer Tony Lee has made it all the more exciting with an interview at the New York Comic Con.

"When we started doing the Tenth Doctor, we wanted to try and keep it with the Russell T. Davies style of stories, so you had a long arc. Anyone who's read the ongoing series knows that from issues #1-16 there are things that go all the way through it. When you actually read the final episode, you realize it links completely into the first one.
"When we started working out the Eleventh Doctor stories, we wanted to try and get away from that a little bit and make it a bit more fun and [with] a bit more one-shots, two-shots, and three-shots rather than these long sprawling epics. Not to say we're not going to do [sprawling epics], but we wanted to have a bit more fun in the same way the fifth season has on TV.
"In this one, there's a bit more humor in it. We have two amazing new companions in Amy and Rory, and when we did the Tenth Doctor ones, we had Matthew and Emily. Matthew had a very dark arc, and you always knew he was going to have that fall, but with Rory you have a very strong comic character — but he's not actually a buffoon.
"[Rory] has a sense of humor. He's got a very dry wit, and it's great to play with. The stories we're doing with this give us a chance to really play with this relationship that Rory and the Doctor have, as well as the relationship between the Doctor and Amy.
"There's a lot of Earth and historical-style stories, but we're going to take [the Doctor] into space a bit and give him a chance to play around in the stars."
IDW will start off its new series of Eleventh Doctor comic books in January of 2011.

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