Friday, 8 October 2010

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Pumpkin Carving Template

One of Matt Smith's better pictures.
Yesterday we posted a Cyberman pumpkin carving template, and since it got a satisfyingly positive response, we decided to bring you another Doctor Who pumpkin, this one shaped like Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. Just use the template to carve out your own Whoniverse-themed pumpkin to scare away the neighbor kids; let's just face it: they deserve it. They always deserve it . . . stupid kids won't be able to kick my garden gnome after I get through with them . . . *Cough*

Source, and click here for many more geeky pumpkin templates.


Combom said...

now we need a topless women template!

scifigeek14 said...

the torchwood one looks tricky

10thPlanet said...

I'll post that tomorrow. :)