Sunday, 17 October 2010

Doctor Who TARDIS Sighting at North Carolina University

Can't see it? Look harder . . .
Right off the top I have to say that this is probably my favorite TARDIS sighting of all time. Well, maybe right behind the MIT sighting, but it's incredible nevertheless.

Crafty_Tardis on LiveJournal (via TARDIS Newsroom, by the way) happened to be in Boone, North Carolina, where the American university Appalachian State is located. To make a short story shorter, I actually know where this is; I've been to this exact location twice, and I never noticed this! Perhaps that's because it's relatively recent, but I prefer to think there are some mysteries in the world left unsolved.

The story with this is simple: Appalachian State has two tunnels that run underneath the primary road in through the university, and students are always allowed to graffiti the walls as they please. It's quite a clever idea for the university, which lies in the empty and high-up Boone. There isn't much there, so it's hard to imagine what brilliant college kid decided to put this in the tunnel for everyone to see.
Now, that's art.


Caroline said...

I'm a student from ASU. I actually just graduated from there like... last week. I found this blog entry via the website for their contest. This makes me happy. I'm almost saying that, chances are, I probably know who painted this as there aren't THAT many Doctor Who fans at ASU, and the ones that are there are friends of mine ha ha but this is awesome that you posted this! Thanks!

wanderingdreamr said...

There was actually a better graffiti a little while before that but I only have a negative of it, not a digital picture to prove it. ^^;