Saturday, 9 October 2010

IDW Announces Series of Doctor Who Comics Starring Eleventh Doctor for USA

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After its highly successful run of Tenth Doctor comics, US publisher IDW has lined up a host of old faces to introduce a line of comics based around the Doctor's newest face. Writer Tony Lee will contribute to the Eleventh Doctor's first release in his colorful adventures.

Though Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures already feature Matt Smith's Doctor in comic strips, the show's increasing popularity in the US, culminating in record ratings for BBC America and top spots in iTunes downloads, has convinced IDW to revive its hit comic series. The first issue hits stands in January 2011, and the series will be ongoing.

Reports state that Doctor Who #1 will be particularly thrilling with a story that features the Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams "battling holographic spam and 'friending' requests on a planet that's hours from destruction by an alien race". Well, not so much "thrilling" as it is classic Doctor Who.
Storylines for the new book include holographic spam fighting Mad Max-esque mercenaries, Victorian Jack The Ripper suspense [Issues #2-4], penalty shoot-outs against Vikings and Cybernetic Space Pirate Dinosaurs.
Well, not so much "classic Doctor Who" as it is . . . er, weird, but all the same, it sounds about as varied as the televised series, so there's nothing wrong with a little creativity. And those who don't quite enjoy the comics may find this series nostalgic anyway, because editor Denton J. Tipton had this to say:
"There's going to be something for everyone in this story. For example, fans of the classic series should be on the look out for a classic Doctor Who villain!"
 Don't even try asking writer Tony Lee; he refuses to spill any secrets.
"I could tell you who they are, but I'd have to kill you. Let's just say we've been given special dispensation to use them, and we have a killer story – in all senses of the word!"
But that won't stop Doctor Who fans from speculating it to death. Unfortunately, while Doctor Who #1 will be released in the US this January, no UK distributor has yet offered to take the series, apparently because of licensing reasons, though some specialty stores or unofficial distributors have been able to reach across the pond. The first issue is only $3.99 and contains 32 pages in full color.

Click here for more specific information about the new comic series, and this source was found via the TARDIS Newsroom.

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