Friday, 22 October 2010

Torchwood The New World gets some Character Clarification

Torchwood creator, executive producer and writer, Russell T Davies has confirmed that the new series, subtitled The New World, will consist of a single, ten-part story. The series, a co-production between BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide and the US-based Starz Entertainment, will begin airing in Summer 2011 on both BBC One in the UK and Starz in America. The initial setting for the story will be Wales, with the action then jumping across the pond to the US, and then to other international locations.
John Barrowman and Eve Myles will return to play Jack and Gwen. They will be joined by two new characters in the guise of CIA agents Rex Mattheson and Esther Katusi.
Rex is described as being a charming golden boy in his late 20s - a fast-tracked high-flyer. Esther is in her early 20s, very much an optimist, and has a strong faith in mankind, supported by her Christianity. She’s also head-over-heels in love with Rex, but keeps that to herself.
A third, female character will be introduced in the series, called Dr Vera Juarez, who becomes involved in the dramatic events.
Russell was recently quoted in The Hollywood Reporter: “The two teams coming together is a big part of the story,” he said. “Are they friends or enemies? There’s a lot of sparks and excitement.”
Oswald Jones is a character who is set to be a dark presence in Torchwood: The New World. A murderer and paedophile in his 40s, Jones is a dangerous and clever man. Although he appears to regret his evil past, a rage still boils within him and he is fated to become the centre of terrifying events that will rock the world.
Production has yet to commence on this fourth series of Torchwood and the names of the actors chosen to play the new characters are still to be announced.”

Quoted from Doctor Who Magazine, issue 427.
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