Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Lorry Load of Tardises Doctor Who (01-12-2010)

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A lorry carrying 11 TARDISes was photographed yesterday at the Foreshore Road warehouses, part of a Cardiff industrial park, which is next to the Heliport and not far from the site of the new BBC Wales Studios.

It is unknown where they are heading, or what they are for, but lets analyse this, there are 11 TARDISes, there are 11 BBC Doctors, the BBC TARDIS is a flatpack, assembled on location, so are these, could they be for an episode of season 6, possibly the finale? I do hope so :)

EDIT: The photographer says there are 22, not 11 tardises on there, a new Ikea range maybe?


George The Lovebird said...

11 Tardises = 11 Doctors!!!!!

We wish!

TheMarkJoe said...

Well...three of them seem to be slightly taller, though maybe they're on higher palettes. Some look slightly wider. And the TARDIS has changed looks now and then over the decades.

Here's hoping for a few of the retro exteriors showing up. =D

Combom said...

season 6 finale - the doctor arrives on a strange planet that sensors say doesnt exist - he opens the door, outside are 10 tardises, he recognises them as his previous ones, with a "what what what", slowly one of the doors open and someone we cant make out exits, 11 says "you, it cant be" - roll credits. now thats a series cliffhanger!

Graske's Corner said...

11 TARDISes = 11 Doctors= Doctor Who Experience! :p

D0ct0r11 said...

I thought it was for the Doctor Who Experience when I first saw them. :)