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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Analysis Of The New Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer

Here is an analysis of the new Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer, what did you miss? I have used this version, in case timings are different for some versions;

Time in seconds
04 Amy in space, in her dressing gown, so episodes 1 or 2, Donna Noble did something like this for Wilf!
05 You can see inside the TARDIS.
06 The buildings have English county names on them, like YORKSHIRE etc. is this the Queen Elizabeth 10th story.
06 Statues underground, theres a lot of them, Stone Angels maybe?
07 WWII London with barrage balloons and bomb damage, and on Big Ben clock-tower, whats hanging over one of the clock faces?
08 Daleks in WWII London.
11 The Doctor, Amy and River Song at Stonehenge
11 The Doctor with the new sonic screwdriver, with a green light!
12 A Spaceship.
12 The Doctor with a torch underground, finding Silurians.
13 Soldiers wearing black in a tunnel, on the Byzantium.
14 The Doctor and Amy in a museum.
15 A damaged one armed Cyberman in the museum, it appears its an exhibit that comes to life.
17 The Doctor on Horseback, Stonehenge story?
17 Vampires in Venice, breaking through a window.
18 Spitfires and a Dalek Saucer fighting, so the WWII story?
20 The new TARDIS Console.
21 Stone Angel.
21 Amy with ropes, then pressed against something.
22 The Doctor at an explosion.
23 The Doctor with a gun.

I need to thank Blink, Noblognopoll, Monty, UNIT HQ, Coconaut and Jamie for their input!

Framegrabs From The New Doctor Who Trailer

Kinkoman has framegrabs, taken every half a second, from the new Doctor Who trailer, you can see them all here.

A huge thanx to Kinkoman for sharing!

My Flickr Photostream Reaches 1064 Hits Yesterday

For the first time ever, my Flickr Photostream has reached over 1,000 hits in 24 hours yesterday, totalling 1,064 hits. Thanx to all that looked :)

In case your interested, its here.

Doctor Who Jigsaw #199 - The Fourth Doctor

Let me know what you think.

Fourth Doctor - online jigsaw puzzle - 121 pieces

Click on image to start.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Midnight

Months after
Midnight aired, having two characters speaking the same words at the same time, and one character trying to throw the other off by spouting random references, would be duplicated in The Arrival, an episode of the American series Fringe.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 New Trailer

Despite claims, this is NOT the press launch trailer, this is a shortened version of the one shown. The longer one features Romans, James Corden, Bill Nighy, more spitfires, vampires, River song and dialogue! ATM the long version is not on the internet, if it appears I will be posting it!

Doctor Who Series 5 Is Coming...

A new Doctor, A new companion, A rebuilt Tardis, A new sonic screwdriver, A new theme, World War II, Spitfires dog-fighting in space, Daleks, Winston Churchill, Jammie Dodgers, Tea, Cybermen, Stonehenge, Byzantium, UNIT, Roman Centurions, Weeping Angels, Vincent Van Gogh, Professor River Song, Pregnancy, Football, Silurians, Smilers, Vampires, The Timoreen, The Skraskish, The Ha'rik, Magpie Electricals, Murray Gold, and Queen Elizabeth 10th!

Are you excited yet?

New Promo Pictures Of Doctor Who Released NOW HIGH-RES IMAGES

(Click for larger Images)

NOW HIGH RES IMAGES, thanx to :)

Ten Teasers For Matt Smiths First Doctor Who Episode

Digital spy have released their usual 10 things for Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour episode;

1. The Doctor apparently loves apples. But maybe hes a bit confused.

2. The episode spans at least fourteen years.
He first meets Amy as a child, then jumps into her future.

3. The new Doctor uses the phrase "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" at one point. But that's not the only hark back to the past.
There are so many Tennant catch phrases to choose from.

4. Guest stars/cameos include Annette Crosbie, , Nina Wadia and David Tennant.
All the past doctors appear in this story in flashback, but Patrick Moore too!

5. You get the first glimpse of the new TARDIS right at the end of the episode.
No surprise there :)

6. Question: When is a crack in a wall more than just a crack in a wall?
When its an entrance to a prison!

7. "I'm The Doctor - I'm worse than *********'* ****."
Nightmare's Rage has been suggested!

8. Amy will have a rather pressing engagement.
As a kissogram!

9. The "outfit" that Amy is wearing at the end of episode one will be her outfit for episode two, too.
A dressing gown.

10. Shhhhhhhh.
We can only think of 9 things? :)


Doctor Who Series 5 BBC Press Pack Released

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Easter, and the BBC have released a press pack. You can read it here.

I'm not sure if there is much new though :)

The Future Of Torchwood...

Just before the press screening of Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour yesterday, the director of BBC Cymru Wales, Menna Richards, stood up and made a small speech.

She talked about the new drama centre being built in Cardiff, to house the BBC output from the city. And she specifically cited the programmes that it would play home to, including Doctor Who, Pobol y Cwm and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Torchwood wasn't mentioned, it seems more and more likely the future of Torchwood currently lies in the US rather than the UK. If that is not the case, its a very odd programme to leave off the list, seeing as it was such a hit last year!


I say give Chris Carter a crack at it, the X-Files was awesome!

Steven Moffat on BBC Breakfast 19-03-10 Doctor Who

A New Home For My RPG Cardstock Figures

I found a home for my RPG cardstock over a year ago, with the promise We never delete anything, but it has proven they do delete files so I have found a real preminant home - on my Flickr account! I pay a small yearly fee to Flickr, but in return they don't delete anything, and files remain at a high resolution!

All 220+ pages are there, feel free to print out all you like, just remember the material is copyright so you can't sell them! You can see them here.

And I have started a cardstock group too, here.

Press Reports On Last Nights Doctor Who Press Screening

Press reports on last nights Doctor Who Press Screening;

Den 0f Geek here,
Sky here,
Guardian here,
Times here,
Digital Spy Videos here.
Independent here,
BBC here,
Wales Online here,
London Evening Telegraph here,
Peterborough Today here,
SFX here,
Telegraph here.

I will add any more reports to this post, so check back!

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Spoilers

After yesterdays press-screening, the Sun have a few spoilers for Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour;

The Tardis crash lands into a suburban back garden, narrowly avoiding Big Ben on its way, sometime in the 1990s. Here the Doctor meets a child, Amy Pond, who hopes he is there to mend the crack in the wall.

After repairing the Tardis, he travels forward 12 years and sees Amy as a adult, she is dressed as a policewoman, but is a kissogram (so rumours where correct)!

The crack Amy was worried about is a door to a prison holding a man whose escape leads the Atraxi to declare they will incinerate all human life. What follows is a mad dash to save the world in 20 minutes!


Doctor Who Of The Day - David Troughton

David Troughton, who played the professor in Midnight, is the son of Patrick Troughton, who played the Second Doctor. He also appeared in his fathers final story The War Games, and in the Third Doctor story The Curse of Peladon. He is also a veteran contributor to the Big Finish audio dramas!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Doctor Who BBC News Karen Gillan Interview Video

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Clip

A better quality version of the clip in the previous report.

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour

There is a review of the first episode the the new Doctor Who series here, another interview with Matt Smith here, and here, about the press launch here.

And there are reports of Cybermen in series 5 too!

Enjoy :)

Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch BBC News Report & New Clip Video

More Photographs From The Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch (18-03-10)

There are some more photographs from the Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch. You can see the photographs here (I keep adding more pictures, there are 14 now, and rising)

A huge thanx to Simon Watkins for sharing these great photographs.

Doctor Who Christmas Special & Series 6 Confirmed

Doctor Who will return for a sixth series in 2011, it has been confirmed.

Executive producer Piers Wenger also announced a Christmas special for this year, penned by Steven Moffat.

Shooting on the special and the 13-episode sixth run will begin early July in Cardiff. Filming on the fifth series wraps this Saturday ahead of transmission on BBC1 this Easter.


It looks like the Christmas special has moved from the end of the series to the beginning, this may result in a Christmas cliffhanger, leading us into the new series.

The Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch Set-Up Photographs

(Click for larger Images)

Here are 2 photographs from setting up the Doctor Who Series 5 Press Launch, taken earlier today, I believe the actual launch is this evening!

Special thanx to Matt Humphries for sending me these great photographs!

Doctor Who Weetabix Ad 22-03-1975

(Click for larger image, and an even bigger version on my Flickr photostream!)

Spotted and scanned this today :)

Doctor Who Red Button Clip Confirmed

Yesterday this was a rumour here, now its confirmed with details;

The red button services Doctor Who clip will launch on 24th March and will be available at various times until the series launches at Easter Weekend. On day one the clip is expected to be available from 6am-2pm, from 3pm to 5.50pm and then from 9.10pm onwards! It will be the first minute of the first episode as I correctly speculated.


Picking The Bones Out Of The Digital Spy Karen Gillian Interview

Digital spy have interviewed Karen Gillian, most is just fluff, but there are some titbits of new info...

Amy Pond takes some convincing to join The Doctor, shes not straight onto the TARDIS as soon as The Doctor invites her.

Amys boyfriend Rory (Arthur Darvill) is a nurse.

And thats about it, noting really new, damn we don't need any more fuff!

source1, source2.

Watch The BBV Miscellaneous Titles Here

Autoplay cannot be disabled, so I have found another way :)

Shakedown The Return Of The Sontarans.
The Airzone Solution.
Do You Have a License to Save this Planet?

Doctor Who Jigsaw #198 - The Third Doctor

Let me know what you think.

Third Doctor - online jigsaw puzzle - 121 pieces

Click on image to start.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Midnight

In Midnight, it was the first time ever in Doctor Who history the villain of the episode is not revealed.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Watch The First Minute Of Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour are claiming the first 60 seconds of Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour will be broadcast on a continuous loop on BBC Red Button services from 6.00am Wednesday 24th March.


This hasn’t been confirmed by an official sources yet, so may be rumour, but lets hope eh? If its true, I assume its the pre-credits sequence :)

Tom Baker To Work On Big Finish Audio Adventure

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker has agreed to record a Big Finish Audio production, he tells says he has been in talks with Big Finish and that they have accepted some of his ideas.

Baker recorded the Hornets Nest audio series for the BBC last year, but has never worked for Big Finish. Any project is likely to be in early stages of production and have not been confirmed by Big Finish.


I suspect the earliest we can expect to hear anything is for the Christmas market!

Watch BBV Shakedown Return of the Sontarans Here

As these have started to auto-play, which is really irritating, especially as there can be up to three on a page, here is a link to the last one.

Watch Shakedown Return of the Sontarans.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Midnight

Midnight was intended to be episode 8 in season 4, before Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead pushed it back to episode 10. The name of the shuttle bus, Crusader 50, was a reference to it originally being in the 50th episode of the new series to be screened, it was still the 50th episode of New Who to be filmed.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Watch BBV Downtime Here

As these have started to auto-play, which is really irritating, especially as there can be up to three on a page, here is a link to it.

Watch Downtime here.

Hi Res Scans Of Steven Moffat In Next Weeks Radio Times Doctor Who

(Click for larger Images)

From Radio Times, 20-26 March 2010. Provided for our friends outside the UK who cannot buy the Radio Times! And they have fixed the Doctors braces too.

Coming soon - Lots of Digital Spy reports based on this interview!

Doctor Who Jigsaw #197 - The Second Doctor

Let me know what you think.

Second Doctor - online jigsaw puzzle - 121 pieces

Click on image to start.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Midnight

Working titles for Midnight included Crusader Five and Crusader 50.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Peter Graves Dies At 83

Peter Graves, star of the classic TV series Mission Impossible and disaster spoof movie Airplane! has died in Los Angeles, he was 83.


Fantastic actor, here is a clip of him...

Watch Sidekick Stories Doctor Who Here

This is the Doctor Who section of Sidekick Stories, transmitted 09/03/10.

Whos Who - Life In Making Classic Doctor Who

Quite when it was that I decided to become a writer I’m not sure, but I do remember my English teacher at school telling me to forget any such ambition since I could hardly write my own name, let alone produce something that was half-way acceptable as creative prose...

Read full article here.

Watch BBV The Airzone Solution Here

As these have started to auto-play, which is really irritating, especially as there can be up to three on a page, here is a link to it.

Watch The Airzone Solution here.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Midnight

During Midnight, a Betty Boop cartoon and Italian soubrette Raffaella Carrà are briefly shown on a screen during the voyage as part of the animation archives.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Here Comes The Dan Dare Pilot Of The Future Movie

An English icon of sci-fi is going to hit the silver screen, possibly next year - Yes at last there will be a Dan Dare Pilot of the Future Movie!

And it looks like Sam Worthington, an Australian, is to play Dan Dare! Its still in pre-production, so there will be a wait :)


Transmission Time & Info For Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour

The BBC have released the transmission time and details for Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour.

It is on Saturday 3rd April, at 18:25 on BBC 1 (and they call it series 5 too).

Their synopsis is; The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover. With the TARDIS wrecked, and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him.


EDIT: Its supposed to be 65 (count them) minutes long too!

Watch Do You Have A Licence To Save This Planet Here BBV

As these have started to auto-play, which is really irritating, especially as there can be up to three on a page, here is a link to it.

Watch Do You Have A Licence To Save This Planet.

Doctor Who Jigsaw #196 - The First Doctor

Let me know what you think.

First Doctor - online jigsaw puzzle - 121 pieces

Click on image to start.

Doctor Who Of The Day - Mirrors

In Turn Left, mirrors are used for Time Travel, they have previously been used for this in The Evil of the Daleks.