Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Doctor Who Fan Favorite Tachyon TV Returns

"Will I dream, JNT . . . ?"
It's been around for quite a long while, staggering on through the years; but Tachyon TV, certainly a favorite of long-time Whovians, has finally made its return, and by no small measure.
Yes! After nine years, two lawsuits, a single mention in SFX magazine and a year spent in exile for tax reasons, Tachyon TV continues to stagger boldly forward. A bit like JNT during season 25.
The site has been redesigned from top to bottom and it is now fully compatible with all modern mobile devices, especially the ones named after fruit. So now there's nothing stopping you listening to our legendary Cyberwoman commentary on the bus.
Soon to end? Again? Forever this time?

At the moment, the majority of the content you see before you has been repurposed from older, more cantankerous incarnations of Tachyon TV and some of our recent(ish) work for Behind the Sofa has been republished here also. However, we hope to bolster these slim pickings with regular updates very soon, whether it's a review of a yet-to-be-released Doctor Who DVD, a missive on why Edward Woodward should never have been allowed to host a game show, or a lovingly crafted song about Albion Market.

You'll also find some new and exclusive Interviews to kick things off, and we hope to keep these coming on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. If you are a vaguely famous name in fandom then please drop us a line!
Tachyon TV is also looking for a few guest writers, so if you've always felt the urge to write about science fiction, why not bother them? If not, still click here to read more about all the exciting features that the site will have to offer as it roars back into life.

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