Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Doctor Who National Television Awards Introduction Parts 1 and 2

Keep checking the actual channel and the chatangos for the latest.


Combom said...

but is it canon :)

D0ct0r11 said...

It could be considered canon. That is, if you consider the various Prom appearances as canon. Mind, you might have to include "Dimensions in Time" as canon! :o

Phil E. Thompson said...

Doctor: "The 26th of January, 2011. It's a 10-4 tipping point. MILLIONS of people are going to be making vitally important decisions, and if they make just one TINY mistake, the entire universe will be destroyed."

Famous Last Words. Prepare for total event collapse, fans!

(BTW, who wrote this? One of the writers of Doctor Who?)

D0ct0r11 said...

Steven Moffat, I've been told.