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Doctor Who Big Finish ''Gallifrey'' Series IV Release Date, Actors, and Synopses

Months and months and months and months ago, we learned that the popular Gallifrey Big Finish audio series was to return for a fourth series. Back then, we knew only that the principal cast had returned and that two stories had been recorded in September; but now, as the release date looms ever-nearer, Big Finish has taken the liberty of summarizing everyone who has played a part in the supporting cast.
After several years away from Gallifrey, actors Andy Coleman, Anthony Keetch and Steven Wickham will return to be reunited with Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson and friends, accompanied by fellow Doctor Who-related guest stars Colin Baker, Geoffrey Beevers, Carole Ann Ford, Katy Manning and Mary Tamm.

Away from her duties in the recent BBC Doctor Who Adventure Games is Sarah Douglas, playing the part of Time Lord Chancellor Dondequest, alongside soon-to-be-on-DVD Snakedance actor Brian Miller, playing Surgeon-Master Rexus.Waters of Mars star Alan Ruscoe is playing Captain Cloris, while former Eighth Doctor companion Conrad Westmaas leaves C’rizz far behind as Prime Usher Antonin and Charlie Hayes, who worked alongside Geoffrey Beevers in Big Finish’s Master story, here plays the visionary Cassandra. Big Finish newcomers include V for Vendetta actor Matthew Bates as Thracken, CBBC presenter Chris Johnson as Technician Hester, and Alexander Vlahos, who recently featured in BBC1’s daytime drama The Indian Doctor, as Prime Enforcer Arcalia.

Gallifrey IV is available to pre-order now. It will be released in March as a CD box set comprising Episode Fifteen: Reborn, Episode Sixteen: Disassembled, Episode Seventeen: Annihilation and Episode Eighteen: Forever, and will also be available to download at the same time.
Gallifrey IV will be released March 31st, and CD and download pricing is available via the Big Finish site. In the meantime, the synopses have been released. We'd warn you about spoilers, but as you know . . .
Written by Gary Hopkins
Gallifrey survives...
Lady Romanadvoratrelundar has returned to her homeworld, seeking a cure for the Free Time virus that rages across the planet.
Leela of the Sevateem and her companion K-9 are revered as heroes. Narvin is a traitor. And Braxiatel knows more than he's letting on.
Amidst all the confusion, the High Council of Time Lords is poised to take the planet into an all-consuming war against the cosmos. They're selling their secrets to the highest bidder, equipping the universe with temporal technology it should never have been allowed.
And Romana's son will lead them into battle...

Written by Justin Richards
Gallifrey kills...
The President of the High Council wants Romana dead. The Temporal Intervention Agency has been dispatched to hunt her down. Its mission: to eliminate her from the timelines for ever. It would be as though she had never existed…
Only an old friend can offer Romana any hope of survival. An acquaintance she and Leela once shared. One they haven’t seen in years.
But time is running out. Death is fast approaching. And this time, not everyone can survive… with or without the Doctor.

Written by Scott Handcock & Gary Russell
Gallifrey dies...
Romana and her comrades find themselves in the dank and grubby wastelands of northern Gallifrey, trapped between two forces in a long and ancient war.
One side bides their time within their nests, whilst the other draws up troops across the trenches. Both sides have their secrets, their means to win the war – and both want Romanafighting alongside them…
After millennia of warfare, the final assault approaches. The Ancient Enemy and the True Lords want this world. And before this night is out, there will be bloodshed.
Only the late Lord Rassilon holds the key...

Written by David Wise
Gallifrey stops.
Romana has been assassinated…
The Time Lords have never existed…
Gallifrey’s secrets are lost.
On a world they barely recognise, Narvin and Leela find themselves fighting to stay alive. Against all their expectations, brutality and barbarism reign. And Gallifrey’s slaves are rising up to face their masters.
Before this day is out, their lives will change forever. And the world they know might end before it has even begun…
Gallifrey - In Memorium by Fennius
This series will undoubtedly rank high among the Big Finish audio adventures. Will Big Finish somehow manage to link Series IV with the events of The End of Time?

Gallifrey returns March 31st.

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