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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Doctor Who 5x10-11 Shown in France This Weekend

French TV channel France4 have released a trailer for Doctor Who 5x10-11, so this Saturday Vincent et le Doctor and Le Colocataire will be shown, dubbed into French..


D0ct0r11 said...

Shouldn't it be "Vincent et le Docteur", not "te Docteur"? "Vincent et te Docteur" means "Vincent and you Doctor" (sort of), while the latter translates into the English title.

Combom said...

those crazy french ppl eh :)

emilie said...

Yeah, it's definitely "Vincent et Le Docteur". On my TV magazine, it even says "Vincent et le Doctor" but I guess (hope) that's a typo.

Combom said...

had pasted it as received, have updated it now (i dont read french), thanx ppl :)