Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Doctor Who Magazine — Unused Covers #2

My personal favorite cover.
As we promised in the first post, here are the rest of the "Unused Covers" for Doctor Who Magazine, as posted on Facebook.

An unused cover for DWM 405 in February 2009. This was similar to what we ended up with, except the main photo is different, and we'd have added a quote and a photo in the top corner. (And the barcode!)
Source 1

Another variation on the cover for DWM 405. As before, we'd have tweaked a few things and added a few bits and pieces if we'd gone with it for real.
Source 2

This wasn't ever intended as a real cover. It was mocked up when we first saw the 2010 logo, and we were wondering what our redesigned look would be like. Of course, that big 'DW' in the middle of the cover was very problematic, so we were glad when a new version of the logo was released! We decided not to go with the fonts used here in the end. The image, of course, was used for a real cover, DWM 411 in the summer of 2009 - which was about the time we were doing this test.
Source 3

This was a very early idea for the cover for DWM 425 in August 2010. If we'd gone with it for real, we'd have done a lot more work on the photo and the sky behind. We'd have found a way to make the text on the right more readable and obviously we'd have added in proper cover lines at the top too. But you get the basic idea anyway.

This was a second idea for the DWM 425 cover. As you'll remember, we eventually decided to go with a black and white version of the image, and a lot of the cover lines changed position in the final version.

Unused cover for DWM 432. This was replaced by the Comic Relief image for March 2011. If we'd gone with this cover we'd have made quite a few tweaks, including making the text more readable, and changing some of the inset images of the old Masters. The top photo of David Tennant might have been cut out too. But it was basically done.
Source 6

This was done as a rough mock-up for DWM 342 in early 2004. This was mocked up before we knew Christopher Eccleston would play the Ninth Doctor, but we had our suspicions, so tried a few ideas out. In fact, the photo used would never have been good enough to have been used at full-page size.
Source 7

And if Doctor Who Magazine releases any more unused covers, we'll be sure to post them.


Farsighted said...

They are ALL lovely, especially the Tom Baker and Eccleston ones... love those. The ones with Matt though are just weird, especially with those glasses. He looks like he's a male model for some eyeglass company... Doesn't look Doctor-y at all.

10thPlanet said...

I like the one with the Master in particular. More eye-catching than the Red Nose Day one. Did that Master article end up in the finished magazine?

D0ct0r11 said...

It did, and the unused Master artwork did, too, without the cover text. :)

Lucille7777 said...

I liked Eccleston's cover the best.

Anonymous said...

I love the Master cover - what a shame it wasn't used. Comic Relief is a wonderful annual event of course, but you only get a 40th Anniversary... well, once every forty years! A great opporunity missed IMHO. But the article (and the photos) was brilliant.