Wednesday, 16 March 2011

That Was the Day That Was — Doctor Who in Review: 16/3/11

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That was the day that was, March 16th, and we comprehensively reported on the most news in the Whoniverse. We've got all the news you've missed, as well as everything else Doctor Who.

These were today's Top Stories.
  • Tom Baker is returning to record Big Finish audios for Doctor Who.
  • Character Options—which makes the Doctor Who action figure—will now offer free delivery to UK households.
  • The BBC released exclusive promotional images for Matt Smith's Christopher and His Kind.
  • Last night Steven Moffat, Sherlock, and The Sarah Jane Adventures all won awards from the Royal Television Society. Guess what wasn't even nominated.
  • Scriptwriter Neil Gaiman will be involved in the Sandman live action series.
  • The Minister of Chance is the latest and greatest fan-based, professional-quality Doctor Who spin-off.
  • Doctor Who Magazine released unused covers, which you can see here and here.
  • And most importantly, Life, Doctor Who, and Combom was nominated in SFX's Blog Awards. Please cast your vote!
That brings today's total to 23 Posts.

One Year Ago, however, we offered a link to Downtime, a BBV drama starring Elisabeth Sladen, Deborah Watling, and the late Nicholas Courtney.

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