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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Watch Part Two of Doctor Who Comic Relief Special "The Curse of Fatal Death"

Monday saw the official site upload the first part of the hilarious The Curse of Fatal Death, which was written by current showrunner Steven Moffat. Part two of the skit can now be watched, via the embedded video below, or by clicking here.

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Mike Jackson said...

This was a really great DW romp and I always held out hope that Who could return with Rowan as the Doctor because I think he could have brought not just the comic fun that Tom Baker to the role but have handled the dire, serious stuff. Same with Jonathan Pryce as the Master.

When I heard Who was coming back before Eccleston was announced I had hoped for it. It would be great to see Rowan in a variation of "The Next Doctor" where he really was a future incarnation, abet one who has to erase himself to save the universe in a one-off episode. Or just get that cast into different parts in the new series. Hugh Grant as a Time War survivor Time Lord who is full of himself and how handsome he is would be funny. Jim Broadbent for Prime Minister! Julia Sawalha as a woman the 7th or 6th Doctor left behind. Richard E. Grant as a baddie or second choice Master.

It's also interesting to see how many lines in jest in Moffat's script got a second life in his series stories which makes me smile, not the least of which is the one "Please look after the Universe for me - I've put a lot of work into it," which came up in "The Eleventh Hour"...

And nice of the BBC to let iPlayer work for us in the US for once...