Monday, 4 April 2011

Torchwood Explodes onto Our Screens — New Images from the Doctor Who Spin-Off

"Death Is Not an Option"
The Doctor Who News Page has done yet another excellent roundup of this week's Torchwood: Miracle Day filming. We encourage everyone to read it, since re-posting all the hard work they've done would just be rude and tedious. Additionally from the same News Page post, there are a couple of excellent screencaps from some early promotional reels.
Looks like Mickey, right? Nope. It's Rex.
What classic Torchwood!
Poor Rhys . . .
I should tentatively mention that we haven't an original source for these pictures; the Doctor Who News Page hasn't quoted a source for them, but if someone finds it, don't hesitate to let us know.

Meanwhile, the poster at the very top of this post has some secrets to share. Its epic tagline certainly references the immortality storyline of Miracle Day, and it's given the fans of the MIPTV event at Cannes something to get excited about.

Production partner and Who alumna Julie Gardner detailed how Miracle Day developed.
"Season Three was transmitting on BBC One around the time that I moved to Los Angeles to work at BBC Worldwide Productions. Russell T Davies had also moved there and was looking for new challenges and wanted to try for a US career. [Seeing how well it did in the US, we thought) maybe there was another chapter of Torchwood to be told. And very happily we were able to see the title to Starz."
She then elaborated on the partnership with Starz.
The pillars of the show are actually the same. But I think the difference is that because of the quality of the co-production partnership between Starz and the BBC, we have an opportunity to tell a big story over ten episodes. The fact that we are transmitting on a pay premium cable channel means that we have to compete production-value wise in that environment. We're filming at the moment and from what I have seen so far we are able to do that.
And entertainment correspondent Richard A. Arnold is now in Cannes with, as seen in the picture below, Bill Pullman and John Barrowman.
Arnold (center)
Once again, we can't stress enough where this news came from. Check the Doctor Who News Page's original reports here and here.

EDIT: And Dalek1099 has just shown us this TV Guide, which doesn't have much other than a new shot of the Torchwood team.
"Are we there yet?"


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