Friday, 15 April 2011

Doctor Who Series 6: Rumoured Episode 8 Title

Far too frequently the rumour mills of Twitter and Blogger generate complete falsehoods almost indistinguishable from real, verifiable news. This is probably one of those times. The rumoured title for Episode 8, starring the Nazi menace, is "War of the Germans", but don't get your hopes up; it's very likely this is nonsense.

Would the BBC really sign off on a title like that, which is not only redundant (Was there a World War II without Germans?) but potentially scandalous. When Series 6 resumes in the autumn after the mid-series finale, this episode may not even be completely about Germany and World War II; after all, we've only seen a handful of filming days, suggesting that the bulk of the story might take place somewhere—or somewhen—else.

So will "A Good Man Goes to War" be followed by "War of the Germans"? Probably not, but it's possible. Is it even a good title in the first place, or have the rumour mills finally created something enjoyable?


Combom said...

the thing is it wasnt the GERMANs war, it was the NAZIs war, so i think this is bollox, i also think they will avoid the word NAZI and GERMAN in the title.

10thPlanet said...

As I said, the BBC will tread carefully with WWII, and saying that it's the Germans' war entirely is dangerous for their reputation.