Monday, 4 April 2011

A Farewell From Doctor11

There's not exactly an easy way to say this, so I'll go with the simplest. Goodbye.

Yes, sadly, I'm leaving my permanent position on the blog. I may, however, be posting occasionally whenever I have some spare time.

I've enjoyed all of the five months (count 'em) I've spent here, and I'd like to thank everyone who visits the blog, as it's motivating to see hits escalate and comments appear. Thanks to all of you.

Oh, almost forgot. Last words!

"It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for." (*Winks*)


Combom said...

miss you mate :) good luck with all the exams, im sure you will do well! Doc is remaining an author on here for the moment, in case he has some time to spare :)

things are already in motion re what we do next also, but noone will say anything, so please dont ask us, even doc has had an input!

10thPlanet said...

Now, I thought he was going temporarily, like, for an extended study break and vacation, and that he'd be back by June/July or something. Is that not true?

KevinCV said...

All the best, man. I hope you keep doing what you do. And, nice touch with Tom Baker's last words, there. :)