Friday, 3 June 2011

Doctor Who Blip — The Question You Were Asking

Her mysteries laid bare.
Steven Moffat has reaffirmed the River Song's identity will be revealed in "A Good Man Goes to War". But is that all we want to know?
"For all of you who keep on, yes, you will find out who River is tomorrow. Thing is though - was that what you were REALLY asking?"
What question should we be asking? We've already asked who River Song is, but there's got to be something more to this secret.

Source; and read more about "A Good Man Goes to War".


mujie said...

What else? Who did she kill? Oh. Who killed the Doctor?

mujie said...

Sorry. You misread his tweet. It said "what were we asking?

gerard said...

We find out WHO she is for example Amy's daughter, yet we are still left asking wether or not she is the Doctor's wife :)

mujie said...

Karan would be so surpeised about that even though her character suggested it. And Alex would find her character being the Doctor's wife so funny. Sorry for the sarcasm.

Jack said...

We will find out her identity as probably the child of Amelia Pond, taken and raised by the Clerics from birth. However, we won't find out what she is to the Doctor which is the question we've been asking since Silence in the Library.

TitusGroan said...

Is it all a dream.