Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Steven Moffat Speaks - Ignore Private Eye? Doctor Who

This was tweeted about 3 hours ago, but what does it mean?

"Do I need to tell you that you can ignore the Private Eye story? No? Good! I look forward to this being called a rant."


Or is he on about this new story, so the old Private Eye report was right? My brain hurts! Opinions please :)


Steve H said...

Eeek - my viewing stats go through the roof. Anthing above 10 per month is through the roof for me.

A link from Combom. After 36 years of following DW, I've finally arrived. And now I'm skedaddling off again. Bye.

a.k.a. Doctor Whom

Lucille7777 said...

The article consisted of the same stuff we all heard days ago, so they want to eat their own, I really don't care, but it's clear that there won't be 13 episodes of Doctor Who in 2012, which is fine with me because series 6 is so far not my favorite anyway. If series 7 is more of the same then frankly by reducing the episodes they are doing us all a great favor.

jamawalk said...

i will wait until i hear it from the Moff or there is an official announcement.

then, should it be true, i will kick something. hard.

Steve H said...

I've thought ever since they first announced that this year would be split in two that all the explanations - like it being so that kids would never have more than a few months to wait between fixes of DW - were the usual PRspeak crap from the BBC and Cardiff and that it was all part of a gradual shift from the New Who Easter to Summer schedule to the old schedule of Autumn through to Spring. And everything that's happened so far has fitted in with that.

But, if it is true, why can't they just say so instead of playing smartarse games with us? Moffat would have a better chance of being taken seriously when he tells us to ignore the Private Eye story if he would drop the empty PR crap at other times.

MrGrumpy said...

You know, if you can't say what you mean in 140 characters Steve, why not use another 140 on top?
That tweet (like many before it) makes no sense in isolation.
Instead of saying 'thats wrong', just say 'this is the truth..'
It would save so much wasted time.

An said...

I truly believe people, celebs or not, are thinking about, or talking to themselves about, or writing about, or see something online about something in their lives and are sitting in front of their computer and have no one "live" to say something they want to say something to close enough, so they just jot something down, hit "tweet" and get it out of their mind with no further explanation. We are not privy to their entire thought, and frankly I'm glad we are not. It probably means nothing but as he said, a personal rant.A bit of something he needed to finish saying or thinking about. Don't read too much into it.

Combom said...

@steve H - well u had the story :) i havent read the eye since the 90s, serves me right lol :)

Steve H said...

Now I now what to do when my viewings stats are ailing. Forget the in-depth philosophical review of the latest episode. I'll just spend 15 mins copying out a long article which won't be available online for a fortnight.

Combom said...

and then email me of course :) TYPE? OCR m8 :) thanx for the post :)

Steve H said...