Thursday, 7 July 2011

Executive Producer Beth Willis Leaving Doctor Who [UPDATED]

In late May fellow executive producer Piers Wenger announced he would be leaving Doctor Who, and now Beth Willis has parroted the same. After only two series, Willis is vacating her position on the series, leaving Steven Moffat as the sole executive producer.

Beth Willis:
"Working with Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Matt Smith on the last two series of Doctor Who has been the most fantastic experience and I will miss them hugely... The plans taking shape for the next series of Doctor Who and for the 50th Anniversary are beyond exciting - and with Steven Moffat at the helm, this incredibly special time for the show is in very safe hands."
In 2009 Willis joined the Doctor Who production team to work on Series 5. Now with only have of Series 6 completed, she has confirmed that she's off to bigger and better things.

After serving as executive producer for the Doctor Who Adventure Games, Confidential, and the BAFTA-winning Eric and Ernie, she's returning to Kudos Film & Television, where she worked on Ashes to Ashes.

Ben Stevenson, the BBC's Drama Controller:
"Much of [Doctor Who's] current success is down to her vision and ambition for the show. She has been an inspiring and instrumental force and I know will be much missed by all of us, and especially Matt Smith and Steven Moffat."
Steven Moffat, now the lone ranger of executive production:
"We couldn't keep her forever, though God knows I tried. She is off to be brave and brilliant in brand new ways, and the sad news for Doctor Who is that it will be somewhere else."
With only one executive producer, how will Doctor Who fare going into its fiftieth anniversary? Does this mean Moffat is on the hunt for two new production companions? And how will this affect public perception?

UPDATE: From The Doctor Who News Page:
Wills will leave the series at the end of this month with Wenger departing the BBC at the end of September. The BBC hopes to find a replacement for Willis in time for the filming of the Doctor Who Christmas special. It will then recruit a second executive producer before filming for the 33rd series begins.
Source credit goes to the official BBC site.

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Sander said...

Public Perception it'll create a lot of talk about there being some disagreement between Pier, Beth and Steven. But I think it's more of a good time to get out. At this point they are basically between productions so I'm not surprised they are leaving at this time. A bit sad but still not surprised. I hope we do get new producers because someone needs to keep Moffat at bay.