Saturday, 2 July 2011

Torchwood Season 5 (YES 5) News

In a new interview, John Barrowman says “...all being well, I’m set to be filming more Torchwood in January...”


So it looks like if Torchwood Miracle Day is a hit, a further series is going to happen!

Thanx to Shane for the heads-up :)


fermentum said...

Love the series. I hope it continues with series 5 real soon!

drlover said...

Please, please, please let there be a series 5! And a series 6, and 7, and so on........Lol!  I was so afraid I wouldn't like series 4, but it was great-very different feel to it-but fantastic still. I miss Tosh, Owen and Ianto, but I love Mekhi Phifer's role.   *fingers crossed* for lots more Torchwood!