Friday, 19 August 2011

David Tennant Sees Bank Account Nosedive Doctor Who

David Tennant, former 10th Doctor, has seen his earning power nosedive by a huge £2million since he left Doctor Who.

The 40-year-old star had nearly £2.5 million two years ago, but official documents show he has less than £790,000 left.

Profits for his business Sandyboy Ltd - which is used to channel his TV and stage earnings - have also dropped by more than half in just a year.

This could partially be due to supporting his fiancé, actress Georgia Moffett, 25, who is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Doctor for three years from 1982 to 1985, and their new baby daughter.

He appeared in his last episode of Doctor Who in January 2010 and went on to film BBC drama Single Father, which won him an RTS award, and United, about Manchester United's Busby Babes.

He is currently appearing on stage at London's Wyndham's Theatre in Much Ado About Nothing with fellow Doctor Who star Catherine Tate until 3 September.

Tennant also starred in horror film Fright Night alongside Toni Colette and Colin Farrell which is due out on 2nd September, as well as Brit rom com The Decoy Bride.

Tennant joined Doctor Who in 2005 as a relative unknown, but his enthusiasm for the role was reflected in fans, who made the BBC show a Saturday night hit.

It established Tennant in the mainstream of British actors and helped him land important acting roles like Hamlet, with the Royal Shakespeare Company.


We wish David Tennant much luck with his future projects, but let this be a warning to Matt Smith and other Doctors: Don't believe you're bigger than the show.


louispierce said...

Paying £1.5 Million for his new house is why his bank account is dwindling. I'm guessing you found this on the DailMail site, if I was you I would take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Combom said...

daily mail are themiddle class version of the sun, we are aware :)

Farsighted said...

Of course you would take a pay cut if you aren't working 9 months full time a year. Anyone would. David being Scottish knows how to live on the money he makes... :) And he's still doing quite well on what he IS doing. Being an actor, there are no guarantees. It's a touch life.

FTANG! said...

Well, 790,000 pounds is still worth about one million in US currency, so I don't think he and the new family are exactly eating the generic macaroni and cheese. ;)

liminalD said...

Well, I'd wager he's fared better post-Who than Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and probably all the other actors who've played the role over the years (not sure about Eccleston, who's had a fair few high-profile roles). It's interesting that Billie Piper has reportedly been finding it hard to get work post-Who too though... I wonder what this will mean for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill when they eventually leave? I can see Darvill doing alright for himself, he seems a pretty versatile actor, but Gillan? I'm not so sure. Maybe this future job-uncertainty is why Smith, Gillan and Moffat seem to be self-promoting so heavily...?

deadmanstar said...

Well any of these new Doctor Who actors can make some money at these fan conventions. I think David Tennant may have signed something that makes him wait a few years before doing them but I'm sure he'd love to do them.

HarrySaxon said...

"Don't believe you're bigger than the show"? That is very rude, he stayed with the show a long time, and decided to try to make it on his own instead of be typecast for the rest of his life. Give the man a break, I just got back from Fright Night and he was fantastic. I'm sure roles with come pouring in.

sting of the scorpion said...

That was a bit bitchy wasn't it?.

"Don't believe you're bigger than the show?".

As for supporting Georgina Moffat - you appear to infer with that sweeping statement she is single-handedly responsible for a large chunk of his readies going west.

Is there any evidence she's a player - you can't tar the girl for who her Mother is. :)

Jillianne6 said...

Sorry, I'm not cool with this article. AT ALL. David Tennant is doing fine and this post is in poor, poor taste. He didn't leave the show because he thought he could be a huge star, he left the show because it was time to go. He's not David Fucking Caruso, Safia. Damn.