Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Doctor Who 608 Lets Kill Hitler Transmission Time Set

Saturday 27th August 7:10pm-8pm BBC1 Doctor Who 608 Let's Kill Hitler.

Picking up events directly following the shocking conclusion to the Battle of Demon's Run. The Doctor's frantic search for the infant Melody Pond takes him to 1930s Berlin, where he comes face to face with the most notorious war criminal in the universe. With conflict brewing in the background, the Time Lord prepares to teach his enemies that time travel comes with its fair share of responsibility.


Then turn over to BBC3 at 8pm-8:45pm for Doctor Who Confidential (no other details have been given yet, source).

So there we have it, one hour later than predicted, is this the shape of the rest of Doctor Who Series 6, or will it be moving around for each episode?


The Scientist said...

Finally, I like it when its 7pm or after.

Combom said...

better time!

newelectricmuse said...

Agree, much prefer it to be later - time to get home and eat before settling down in front of the TV!

Ian said...

So the BBC do listen from time to time. If they manage to keep it in this slot for the whole run it should be quite dark (and spooky) outside by the time we get to episode 13.