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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Steven Moffat Answers Fan With One Delicious Word Doctor Who

I vote for Yeti and Ice Warriors :0


L A Hazard said...


L A Hazard said...


scottsweapon said...

Another vote for Zygons. Or maybe a Krynoid invasion!

KevinCV said...

I vote for the Ice Warriors as well. They're kinda like the Doctor Who version of the Klingons, but a lot more interesting. :)

barnert said...

I'd also love to see the Zygons again. It's a shame that they only got one story in the classic series. Steven Cole did a great job with them in one of the 10th Doctor/Martha novels, and proved how much potential they have.

Ice Warriors could also be cool. Yeti, I wouldn't be too excited about, or Krynoids. Just no Dominators and Quarks, no Krotons, and no Voord.

The Menoptera (and Optera and Zarbi) could be amazing—or really, really bad, but I think it's worth the risk.