Wednesday, 21 September 2011

6 New Whoniverse Podcasts Today

Six new podcasts today;

Dirty WHOers 033
Usual stuff, chatting "Let's Kill Hitler" & "Night Terrors." The inevitable 4 chew the fat on new series, again.
Play it here.

The Happiness Patrol Episode 70: Your Room Is Ready
It's a great week here on The Happiness Patrol because not only do we review a GREAT episode of Doctor Who, we also have a kick-ass guest, Terry Litefoot of 'The Dirty Whoers' Podcast!
Play it here.

Pharos Project 68: Minotaurity Report
The God Complex, the last episode of Torchwood, Top of the Cocks and an interesting phone call. All these things and much, much less await you in this week's bumper episode.
Play it here.

The Whostorian Episode 13 - Glory to “Insert Name Here”
In Episode 13 we tackle some awards and stats in The Motes of News. The Villain Randomzier frees The Rani and we look at the episode: The God Complex.
Play it here.

The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast
Thank you for your support and patience. I have been trying since Monday evening to get Podbean to sort our the problem with the website but with little success. Their correspondances have been rather vague and as you can imagine I am very frustrated with the whole situation.
Play it here.

Little Finish Podcast Episode 14 – Space Redcoats
A month with only three reviews but unlike last time, two of these involve Colin Baker!
Play it here.

As always, thanx to the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

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